SoCal: A Story That's Ready To Be Told To The World


We’re the region that thinks and acts differently in everything we do. Through our global as well as regional and local perspectives, we see things differently, spotting the challenges that face the people and planet, and without limitation, developing innovative solutions. Snap Inc. Hulu. Ring. Honey. We think bigger than any other region, making us the innovation beacon for the world. From Santa Barbara to San Diego to Orange County and the Inland Empire, we have . . . 

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The SoCal Innovation Ecosystem is rapidly rising.
Our communities are taking huge strides in making the world a better place and helping people in a multitude of ways. We now have a significant opportunity to accelerate that progress by bringing our communities together as one and letting the world know that our region is a powerhouse of innovation that’s quickly becoming one of the most important on the planet.

As communities, we continually push forward, and as a region, our collective strength makes us unique and boundless. As an example, LA, San Diego and Orange County are all leaders in AI. Together, they make us a global AI superhub on the frontier of innovation. The same applies to nearly all of our regional specializations. We’re out-of-the-box thinkers. From 3D-printed rockets to bluetech deepwater rovers—we’re pushing past the possible and leading the way.

To take our innovation ecosystem to the world, we are implementing a communications campaign that clearly articulates what makes SoCal innovation so unique under the banner of This Is SoCal, and we are asking you to be part of it.
To take our innovation ecosystem to the world, we are looking for your participation in the activation of the This Is SoCal communications campaign to help to clearly articulate what makes SoCal innovation so unique and how you’re playing an important part in its ascendance.

Learn more about how you can utilize the This Is SoCal marketing toolkit to expand your brand message and benefit from the additional amplification of your brand by being part of the campaign.

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The Six Supporting Pillars

This Is SoCal is supported by six pillars, which can be communicated collectively as well as individually. Together, the pillars communicate the uniqueness of the region. All are brand truths that can be fully substantiated by the Alliance team and every community.

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