How To Implement

How you do "This Is SoCal"

It is up to you to decide exactly how you wish to participate and which tools will be most relevant. It’s important that you feel you have the flexibility when it comes to amplifying the campaign. We want to avoid a prescriptive cookie-cutter approach. While we need to make sure that campaign communication is true to the overall vision and messages, it must also fit naturally within your own community channels.

Amplifying Specialization And Expertise

When it comes to community specialization, This Is SoCal can be used as a qualifying phrase outside the context of the six pillars. For example, it can be employed to highlight specific product and service innovations as well as to frame distinctly SoCal collaborations.

Here are three examples of how it can be communicated in copy as a simple, powerful and unique qualifier outside of how it supports six pillars.

Zero-emissions, last-mile delivery services to connect homebound residents with food amid the COVID-19 pandemic


Implantable drug pumps, artificial retinas, 3D dental imaging, cures for HIV and sensors to deliver muscle commands to robotic limbs.


Ocean energy production, biomedicines from the seas, maritime robotics and floating real estate.


Implementation Responsibilities

The campaign is collectively owned by every community in our region. While the Alliance is responsible for This Is SoCal communication channels, handling coordination, like everyone else it will participate in the amplification of our overall cause through its platforms and channels but will effectively be the sponsor rather than the owner. It is the responsibility of each community in the region to drive the initiative forward through a commitment to communicating effectively and continuing to engage our identified audiences.

Two-Way Communication

A two-way content-creation strategy is key. Through the This Is SoCal website and associated social media, messaging will explain how communities and sectors come together to power the region. To enable this to happen, content needs to be generated by individual communities and through collaborations with others in the ecosystem to avoid siloed messaging. Visitors to the This Is SoCal website will be directed to relevant community sites to enable readers to dig deeper. Likewise, communities will connect to the central website to drive traffic and amplify its potential.

Central Communication Channels

Four key channels and platforms will communicate the campaign, managed by the Alliance with content contributions generated by the communities.

Rather than being a tool to facilitate collaboration and provide advice, direction and practical resources to members, the This Is SoCal website will be a highly visual and dynamic representation of what the SoCal Innovation Ecosystem is all about. Throughout the site, it will constantly reinforce what being SoCal means in the context of our six pillars. With content donated by each community, it will aggregate the most world-changing, impressive and interesting examples of regional innovation, highlighting their community origins. An important component of the website will be a marketing toolbox resource center.

Posts written by a diverse range of members from our community will keep the campaign fresh. For launch, we are looking for posts themed around one of the six pillars as it relates to its writer’s community or area of specialization. An important component in these posts are the communities’ own takes on what it means to be SoCal in the context of their industries and roles.

Social media content will be generated by the communities as well as by the Alliance. It will serve to give the campaign momentum, offer an ongoing platform for communities to bring innovation to the forefront in the context of the region, and drive traffic. A large proportion of content needs to relate to different elements of the six pillars. There will be an emphasis on creating mini stories that build over time to reflect the dynamism and progress of the communities within the region.

A central email campaign managed by the Alliance will be crucial for engagement and building relationships, as well as to provide a vehicle for topical announcements, especially those that are cross regional. It will be beneficial to the campaign launch if communities can include the announcement of This Is SoCal in their own email blasts along with links to relevant content and to the This Is SoCal website.