Get Involved

You make this work.

To take our innovation ecosystem to the world, we are looking for your participation in the activation of the This Is SoCal communications campaign to help to clearly articulate what makes SoCal innovation so unique and how you’re playing an important part in its ascendance.
To root and spread campaign messaging, we are asking for your assistance to communicate the campaign through your most effective marketing channels and platforms in your communications arsenals, such as websites, blogs and social media.

We are also hoping that you will share unique content that integrates This Is SoCal campaign messages into your own communications and that content can be distributed through newly created central campaign channels and platforms managed by the Alliance, such as a website, blog and social media.

This is SoCal Campaign Objectives


Unite our richly diverse community through a common and inspiring rallying cry.


Enable people and communities—from consumers to corporations—around the world to understand why SoCal is uniquely positioned as a major innovation ecosystem.


Amplify and bring to life regional specializations.


Complement community communication strategies and tactics.


Increase media coverage for the ecosystem.


Attract investment, talent, startups and corporations to the region.

Keys To Success

Adoption Of The Rallying Cry

There needs to be cross community commitment to the central concept of This Is SoCal—it’s the big idea that drives everything. It unites the region, brings everyone into the fold, guides implementation and provides a platform on which to build over time. Without it, the plan will be unachievable.

Active Campaign Mobilization By Members

Form a group of marketing-minded ecosystem participants. Together, this community can steer the campaign, lead the charge, co-create regional and sector content, access influencers, become inspirations for other members and actively work to bring communities and specialized sectors across the region together to communicate the collective power of the ecosystem.

Commitment To The Two-Way Communications Process

It’s vital that communities create content and link communications to the main campaign website, demonstrating how you collaborate with fellow ecosystem members and to reinforce cross-region category specializations. Through an upward content stream, communities will increase visits to the main campaign website where the visitor will get an understanding of the collective power of the region. Likewise, it is key for the campaign website to provide downward streams to the communities’ own websites and other channels to attract incremental attention.

Investment In Ongoing Activations

Help to keep the campaign flourishing by investing in building the campaign over time through activations such as podcasts, video series, online events and other initiatives that can bring the six pillars to life and powerfully communicate the benefits of the region. This will help to ensure that there’s momentum and dynamism within the region and constantly build interest and understanding.

Tools Usage

By using the foundational toolbox, a consistent message will be disseminated, which is key to demonstrating the collective value of the region.

Benefits for Our Communities


This Is SoCal offers a way, through campaign channels, to put regions like Orange County, Santa Barbara, Long Beach and Riverside on the same level as LA or San Diego and enables us to position the entire region as a superhub of innovation.


The This Is SoCal campaign doesn’t restrict each community from implementing its own campaigns, creating its own messaging or issuing individual announcements. It serves to attract a larger or more targeted audience that some communities would find difficult to reach, including international and national media and investors, and it provides a gateway to more detailed information at a local level.