The Narrative


We’re the region that thinks and acts differently in everything we do. Through our global as well as regional and local perspectives, we see things differently, spotting the challenges that face the people and planet, and without limitation, developing innovative solutions. Snap Inc. Hulu. Ring. Honey. We think bigger than any other region, making us the innovation beacon for the world. From Santa Barbara to San Diego to Orange County and the Inland Empire, we have the most progressive consumers in the country, demanding sustainable and environmentally friendly products, meat alternatives, pet health monitoring, petroleum-free plastics and alternatives to textiles made from animal products. We listen to them, and we act because we care.

Our people and our sectors are more diverse than anywhere else in the world, enabling us to spark collisions and collaborations that no other ecosystem can. As an example, our obsession with healthy living has sparked convergence between bioscience and fitness wearables to create sustainable and fashion-forward products. We’ve brought together tunes and tech and merged agriculture with medical imaging science like no other region has. We have all of the essential ecosystem components and so much more.

The culture—one of a kind. The climate—perfect. The standard of living—high.

Our research, education and incubatory establishments are setting the course for national tech innovation. We’re the gateway to Asia and Latin America, and our two primary seaports (the largest in the Western Hemisphere) are ground zero for energy-efficient logistics. Our trailblazing leaders are setting the most progressive agenda in the nation because, in living in SoCal, they acutely feel the impact of the challenges around them. From the impact of climate change to mobility challenges to health crises and homelessness, they see these problems first hand and are fully motivated to drive the region to find solutions. Also, our unique personality and lust for life enables us to capture the attention of the world—and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet.




This Is SoCal is our region’s rallying cry and communications vehicle. The name affirms what the region is all about in a confident way and correctly implies uniqueness. It’s extremely definitive and functions as a stamp for the ecosystem, uniting it effectively under an ownable banner.

It functions as an aggregator. It enables the deep expertise in each of our communities to unite, turning us into a superhub for each of our specializations—from AI to biotech and far beyond. 

It celebrates the ways we live, work, communicate and behave. It also provides an umbrella for consistency while allowing flexibility for communities and specializations. It has a timeliness to it that can frame successes and breakthroughs of the moment while still being able to refer to where we’ve come from. And it has appeal to all of our audiences—from investors to talent to media to entrepreneurs.