The Six Pillars

The Six Supporting Pillars

This Is SoCal
is supported by six pillars, which can be communicated collectively as well as individually. Together, the pillars communicate the uniqueness of the region. All are brand truths that can be fully substantiated by every SoCal community.

Each is an important part of the community DNA in its own right, and together, they fully define the region and act as pillars to support our This Is SoCal rallying cry.

The six pillars represent the core themes that will be supported through messaging and content. From the way that simple visual media is used within communication channels to powerful large-scale activations, such as a podcast series or even a documentary—the potential to bring each pillar to life is endless.



The pillars enable topical stories and new announcements from our diverse communities to be brought together and communicated as one. For example, to communicate what makes our Maximum Inclusion pillar unique, we will regularly group together newsworthy profiles of key players from different backgrounds, submitted by communities, who are new to the region and who together represent our collective commitment to inclusion under the banner of This Is SoCal.

When it comes to the Life Redesigned pillar, This Is SoCal will be used in a series of snapshots of the region that together paint a picture of SoCal’s entrepreneurial approach to life that dispel the usual stereotypes and provide spotlights for communities that could possibly sit in the shadow of LA.

To communicate ongoing progress and bring our Unstoppable Talent pillar to a wider audience, This Is SoCal will collate and present newsworthy research and statistics from different communities as a single announcement, such as the number of regional tech jobs, tech graduation stats and profiles of a cross section of individuals from every part of the region. The same approach applies to our other three pillars.


We’re here to make a difference in the lives of others—and not just in our backyard but across the world. We genuinely care about helping people and the planet, and it’s a cause to which we are completely devoted. Whether through job creation, unlocking solutions for currently untreatable ailments or paving the way for clean transportation—we look outwards, not inwards, developing tech innovations that are truly meaningful and will positively change the future of humanity in unthinkable ways.

In SoCal, we apply an entrepreneurial approach to the way we live out our lives. For example, our active lifestyles lead to advances in health and wellbeing and our passion for the outdoors inspires advances in climate and environmental related tech. We love to be on the go, which is why we strive to do so in the most efficient, environmentally friendly and stylish way. Our passion for entertainment influences the development of immersive technologies that have groundbreaking impact in fields such as digital therapeutic healthcare, automatic financial investing and digital assistants. Our sense of freedom enables us to craft our own lifestyles without being impeded by rigid social or cultural structure, and we constantly live in an exciting state of exploration and reinvention as lovers of life and pioneers of progress. Our unique spirit fuels innovation, and our dynamic energy makes sure that it never stops..

From climate change to COVID, we’re all in the same boat when it comes to the challenges facing our world. It’s therefore logical that we invite everyone into our fold to work together and craft solutions through the pooling of perspectives, experiences and backgrounds. In SoCal, we bring together everyone in our ecosystem, including connections between large tech companies and up and comers, often from very different sectors. We listen, learn, challenge, collaborate, experiment and align. We are ready to welcome the world because we reflect the world. We’re a confluence of the best ideas from diverse people who unite and innovate through shared values. We don’t carry a flag for diversity because it’s the correct thing to do. We wave it proudly because we believe in the collective power we have to cultivate curiosity, collaboration and creative thinking, leading to incredible innovations often in the most unexpected places. After all, where would the regionally revered kimchi quesadilla, the original spark for the food truck industry, be invented?
Pillar4.pngIn SoCal, we have world-class education establishments, an incredibly skilled tech workforce and the highest number of engineering graduates in the country, as well as some of the most trailblazing business leaders of our time. Our talent pool is huge, diverse and committed. Our thirst for innovation is driven by our cultural determination to always overcome challenges. We have a disruptive non-conformist streak in us that enables our region to challenge conventions. We accept that failure is a natural consequence of experimentation and never let it hold us back. Exploration is in our DNA and part of the way we live our lives every day. We are truly unstoppable.
Pillar4.pnThe breadth of our sectors is greater than that of any other ecosystem. It gives us a huge advantage by providing an infinite number of possible collisions, leading to unmatched convergence that spawns endless creations, collaborations and combinations which are nearly impossible anywhere else. It also makes us resilient and able to adapt to the fast pace of innovation. It’s why we celebrate the differences between our communities while recognizing the contribution that each makes in equal measure rather than just focusing on the bigger cities or dominant sectors. At first glance, we may seem like a collection of disparate communities, but a closer look reveals a richly intricate tapestry of interconnected threads woven together for strength and durability.
Pillar6.pngIn SoCal, we don’t respond well to being boxed in. Why should we? Our precious beaches and desert landscapes are vast spaces without borders that inspire changes in the ways we want to live. And our sprawling cities, and the spaces between them, give us a sense of freedom that other ecosystems don’t experience. Our geographic and cultural freedom has no boundaries, and the same applies to the way we approach finding solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. We are never afraid to explore, take risks or do things that others don’t have the freedom to do. We never see boundaries—only open spaces in which to innovate and evolve.